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Get to know our Gamprs!!

Our Armenian Gamprs are a very rare and ancient landrace livestock guardian dog located in the mountains of Armenia. Gamprs are known for their independent thinking and calm, keen intellect. They are loyal, cautious, powerful, aim to please their humans and ready to protect their livestock. The gamprs have a close bond with its family and are known for their natural love and connection to children. They will protect their family and livestock with their life, but only after assessing the situation and deciding on an appropriate, rational reaction. Gamprs are very athletic and powerful, yet graceful, and should exhibit self-control in stressful situations. We have been so fortunate to be able to import 3 beautiful Armenian Gamprs, 1 male and 2 females. Our last female, Eden was the last of a litter of gamprs to enter the US due to a CDC ban on all imported dogs for now. For more information about this amazing breed click the button below. To inquire about one of our puppies please read over the Puppy Contract and the Puppy Application. If you can agree to the terms of the contract, then please email us with that and your puppy application filled out and we will get back with you! 


T'Aguhu Uzh Sigrun of Zorik's Alagyaz 


T'Aguhu Uzh Hayk of Zorik's Karanakh


T'Aguhu Uzh Eden of Grigoryan's Araks-BKR

Marianna 2.jpeg

Goat Life Marianna

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